Why learning?? what this so called LIFE is all about??

Why learning?? what this so called LIFE is all about??

Why learning?

I was just wondering what I should write, that is effective enough to find a right place in the minds of the readers, should I focus on writing something very attractive, or some life experience of mine or a sketch or what…..??? Then suddenly something strike my mind that I come to the decision that why not just put a mirror in front of my friends through this short note that what this so called LIFE is all about?? why learning ??

Here we begin our journey to know about not mine, not yours, but about every individual’s expectation from his/her life. What actually we want from ourselves?? Is it becoming a topper, finding love, getting placed and earning lots of money, or something else? Yes these are the expectations, and to summarise above we can say that we want to be happy, sources may be different for every individual.

The biggest challenge

But here only lies the biggest challenge. First we need to understand what brings smile on our face. Above mentioned things do bring smile on our face, but is this the ultimate pleasure, or happiness. Now wait for 5 mints and think, learning something gives u more pleasure or scoring highest marks, helping a poor or spending thousands of money to see a celebrity, the fact which I want you all to put your attention is that, know what actual happiness is?

Learning is something that I personally admire the most. Actually our life is a long journey and during which an individual experience, learn and apply the things. Out of these three, if we see carefully, learning is one such ingredient which gives the immense pleasure and happiness. Every time we learn something we experience a sense of happiness, in the other two cases we can have a good or bad feelings, but this learning will always bring the best feeling of pleasure.

Whatever experience we all are going through may be good or bad. We need to have a positive attitude, and always try to learn something. Learning is such a skill in which we all have become expert, since our childhood we are practicing this skill. So don’t waste time friends keep learning always….

As this life is all about learning….