Love: Pleasantness of emotions

Love: Pleasantness of emotions

Love: Pleasantness of emotions 

“When one moves from emotion to devotion”

When your emotions becomes pleasant, you say you are in love. When you find that someone or something which makes you emotions pleasant, you say you are in love with that something or someone. Love towards something or someone then simply means your desire to include that something or someone in your life which is not currently a part of your life. A strong desire to include that which is not a part of you. It can be money, relationship, happiness, success.

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Pleasantness of emotions

“Kinds of pleasantness of emotions”

To finally conclude, i’d say there are two kinds of love affairs. One which is based on mutual transactions of life such as emotional or physical which acts under certain limitation. Most common of those being how the two people in love treat each other. While the second doesn’t depend on the any kind of emotional or physical transaction. This being the one we generally refer to as divine. Which is complete devotion and is not what we generally see around.

“How it generally happens: A perception”

First one is the most common one. That’s how most love affairs under domestic life works where our love towards someone depends on the kind of transactions happens, simply the give and take. Give and take generally occurs on an emotional level. That being the kind of treatment that people in affair give to each other, the satisfaction from physical transactions, so on and so forth.

“How and why it was supposed to happen”

The second one is the kind of love that most people yearn for but still remain deprived of it. There are many reasons to it. The most important factor towards attaining that stage of love is devotion. When one is completely devoted, no transactions of any kind will occur. No matter how the other person treats you, you are in bliss. Even a small touch of your lover is capable of making you ecstatic.


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“Being blissful by your own nature”

In that state of being, you will be blissful by your own nature, your emotions will be in state of blissfulness and it wouldn’t matter whether he/she treats you like a doormat or anything else. In that state of devotion where no transaction would ever exist, there will only be love. And you would become that very love. That will be because your emotions would become pleasant and you will treat others with love only when you yourself feel loving.

The whole analysis infers that every human have the ability to reach that state of devotion and feel blissful by your own nature. Being all inclusive is the key.